Friday, June 24, 2011

Poetry (thank God, finally)

OK. Well, I've had some trouble with poetry this past two weeks or so. That sounds lame, I know. "Oh, two weeks of writer's block? Whatever, you're overreacting." I don't know if I'm overreacting but I've never gone this long without writing a poem. I mean, I've gone this long without attempting to write a poem, but this time I have attempted and failed.

A few friends, on blogs and off blogs, have given me encouragement and advice and I have to thank all of them: Thank you!!

I know a few posts down that there are poems. None of them are new. They are all poems that I wrote a while ago. Recently I've been lacking in inspiration. But I've found some - lacking inspiration has become my inspiration.

But enough of my rambling. Here's what I wrote.
Oh, um, don't be confused by the blue giraffe reference. When I started to write this, I had just given up on a poem about a blue giraffe. It - it wasn't my idea...

The name is rather odd, but that's the first thing I wrote for the poem and I didn't want to change it.

Alright, now enough of my rambling.

A Poem that I can’t write

I can’t write this poem
I just know it won’t work
I wanted to write an abcb
Except nothing rhymes but ‘clerk’

This is the second verse
of a poem that doesn’t exist
and to find a rhyme with the word above
I had to look at a list

There’s a dictionary on the web
for people who can’t rhyme
It’s like a digital clock
for those who can’t tell time

Three verses already
yet I haven’t written a thing
If poetry brings happiness
what will these words bring?

Confusion, I daresay
for the people who came to read
a poem about a blue giraffe
but instead they found this creed

An ode, of a sort,
to all those poets out there
who have put down their pen
and simply ceased to care

When the ‘Grey Months’ creep along
some give up their words
yet to leave behind your poetry
is to speak but not be heard

So pick up your pen,
all you people like me,
who suffer from writer’s block
Let your words be free!

Well, it seems I wrote a poem.
I’ve been trying to all week.
All I needed was a little help –
a reminder, so to speak.

Some helpful hints from different people,
yet they all reached the same end
and now I know that when in need,
simply look to a friend.


  1. Brilliant poem! Love the way you did it :D

  2. I know this is incredibly late, but thank you all. :)

  3. Very much.
    I am much more thankful than I am making myself sound.

    ^ - that's how thankful I sound.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - that's how thankful I feel!