Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Alzheimer's Disease (a type of dementia) is something a lot of elderly people have to deal with, and it affects their friends and family. Here's a poem I wrote. I've never personally experienced anyone with a bad case of Alzheimer's, but I know someone who has. It's a tough thing to go through, especially when you know the person well.

Memories escape you.
Words puzzle you.
Faces seem to fade.

You try to speak – words are empty.
You try to remember – nothing comes.
You try to sleep – darkness haunts you.

What’s in a name?
Everything, then.
But nothing now.

What’s in the darkness?
Your future.

When people come and go, you try.
Really try.
But you don’t recognize a single one.
Even the one who said she came yesterday.


Yesterday is gone. Today is going. Tomorrow is your only hope.


  1. Wow, Ruby! Amazing poem. It's really perfect...

  2. thanks Skyril... :) I know it's sad. I wanted to capture what the person was feeling... trying to sympathize. It's hard when you've never gone through it. But I can imagine.