Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Forever Song

Hi, it's me Ruby! (no duh!)
This is a short poem I found recently, that I wrote in seventh grade when my friend and I did a report on blindness. I wrote a few poems about it, but this is really the only one that turned up readable. 

The Forever Song

Silent nights of darkness
coming into light.
Larks and cranes look up
and enter into flight.

Why is life so beautiful
if you can never see?
You rely on sounds of things,
your only eyes are me.

You’re brave, you know,
the way you hold your cane
as if it were a sword,
and not your lifelong bane.

I remember all those years ago,
when you and I were young.
You never got sad like me.
It’s a happy song you sung.

And today, within you,
it’s still there as ever.
You hum it in your throat.
You’ll sing that song forever.

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  1. :o
    That's so amazing, Ruby... wow!
    Awe-inspiring, girl! :D
    ~applauds some more~