Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Post

Huh. This is really weird. A blog - my own blog. Sure, I've written things before, but never a blog.

I should probably start by introducing myself. I am Rubescent Sunshine - rubescent meaning reddening. I suppose it sounds better than "Blushing Sunshine," right? I chose the name because sunsets have always been dear to my heart. It's that time right before the dark comes, yet after the day has ended, when everything gets still and quiet and you can just see nature at its finest.

I am a young writer. I'll be posting some stories on here, whether they be chapters or short stories, or maybe even poems. For me, this is a creative outlet. For you readers, maybe you just want to read another young writer's works, compare what you are writing to what I am. Maybe you are an experienced writer, and want to laugh at what I write. Haha... go ahead. If you do, though... mind giving me some pointers?

Thank you to whoever is reading this. Creative outlets are hard to find out there. I hope this blog can be one spot for young writers like me to come and to read, or write, or just kind of talk with other inexperienced writers like me.


  1. HIII! 1st post.
    How are you??? :)

  2. I'm good, Nicole. I haven't posted any writing yet.
    How are you?
    If you have any requests for me to post here, like what I should write, feel free to comment. Eventually maybe I can post one of your works. Because we all know that you're as good as I am. :)